Six Reasons To Consistantly Change The Water In Your Aquarium

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Ph Levels

pH means hydrogen potenz. This is the actual concentration of hydrogen ions in the aquarium tank. The amount of hydrogen ion is related to the acidity of the water in the tank. The pH value is also connected to the fish activity in the tank. The fish produce debris which changes the pH balance. This is why you need to constantly monitor the values and also to change the water in the tank quite often.

Nitrates levels

Experienced fish owners suggest that periodical water changes in the tank must be done to keep a low nitrate level. The fish naturally produce ammonia through the excretion process and the level of nitrates changes every day.
It is good if a saltwater aquarium has a nitrate concentration of maximum 20 parts per million. Freshwater aquariums must have at the most 50 parts per million in nitrate levels.

But not just changing the water helps to keep an optimal level of nitrates. There are also some protein skimmers available that regulate the nitrate levels. Still, don’t forget that no amount of proteins can remove the debris from the tank. You need to change the water in order to eliminate organic fish waste.

Kh Control

Kh refers to hydrolysis levels, which means the ability of water to buffer. What does that mean? The water has an optimum level of basis and acids in it. Kh control is about maintaining an optimum level between these two components and the tank water. The biological activity in the tank permanently changes the levels and water needs to be changes quite often.

Detoxifying the aquarium

It may not seem that way to you but life in the aquarium is quite an active one. Plants, fish, snails, they all eliminate organic debris. The byproducts of metabolic activities of the aquarium residents and the excretion products bring toxic products in the tank. Even the air introduced in the aquarium or on the water surface can bring new toxic materials or microorganisms. And let’s not forget that you can drop some things into the aquarium also. So change the water as often as you can.

Aquarium accessories clean-up

A good wash must be given to the rocks also, different balls, or other accessories because waste sometimes sits on them.

Algae growth

Algae are known to grow fast in all types of tanks and water. The aquarium environments are very good for the algae because the water is stagnant and a bit hot. But algae pollute the water a lot and can cause fish health problems. Besides that, just like the fish, the algae suck the nutrients out of the water and if they grow too much they compete with the fish for food. Changing the water regularly helps prevent excessive algae growth.

So, in conclusion, no matter how many water treatments and filters you have, a change of tank water from time to time is vital for your fish tank health.

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