Reasons Why Your Fishes Are Dying

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Getting a new aquarium and fishes is an exciting experience which can turn into a nightmare if you find your fishes floating on the top after a couple of days. You ignore the situation thinking it was accidental and plan to get new fishes, but even they meet the same fate. If your fishes are dying time and time again and you do not know what the problem might be you need to know the reasons that can affect their health. Unless your fishes were not unhealthy the time you bought it, here are the reasons why your fishes might be dying.

Stress can kill the fish in a day. It is only a matter of time that your fishes will stress to the extent of killing themselves. The reason for stress can be hard to determine as the fishes can keep fighting it for days until they finally give up. It does not happen instantly, so you cannot tell what stressed them.

There can be many reasons why your fish or fishes are stressed. Make sure you take care of the things mentioned below to keep them comfortable floating in your fish tank.


Poor aquarium setup

Setting an aquarium may seem easy, but it requires a lot of observation and settings to do it right. If you set up your aquarium today and drop the fishes inside instantly, there is a high chance that the fishes will die soon. Some bacterias develop inside the fish tanks that make the water safe for fishes. A new tank will not have these bacterias. Introduce your tank to these bacterias before you invite the fishes inside.

Wrong aquarium

Your fish tank should be compatible with the type of fish you are bringing home. A saltwater fish will die in a freshwater aquarium. Even if your fish is not dead, it does not mean it is comfortable. Check the temperatures of the water, the pH value, and the spacing for every fish if you have multiple fishes. Failing to provide an appropriate environment will lead to deaths before its time.

Incompatible fishes

Needless to say that you cannot put a predator fish with other fishes and expect them to survive together. But the fishes can also get uncomfortable with other types of fishes if they do not have the same interests and personalities. Some fishes can also be bullies who can trouble your other fishes increase their stress levels. Being constantly chased by a territorial fish is a stressful situation for any small fish in the same aquarium. Take the help of an expert to ask about the compatibility of fishes before you put them in the same tank.



Overfeeding is a common form of death for fishes. The more you feed your fishes, the more they will poop which will contaminate the water. The uneaten food will also decay with time and create toxicity in the tank. Also, make sure that your meat-eating fishes are getting what they want while the vegetarian dishes can survive with anything.

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