How to Decorate your Aquarium

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For many aquarium enthusiasts, the real joy of cultivating an aquarium is at the zenith when they satiate in ornamenting it in the perfect manner. The wide assortment of aquariums presents you with a gazillion of themes you can choose from – organic themes, novelty themes, and even surreal themes. The embellishments should be a prudent choice because not only does it elevate the aesthetic element of your aquarium, but it also navigates the way in which fish interact with their surroundings.

Bottom-up Approach

Begin your exploit from the bottom and then proceed further. The choice of the substrate defines the appearance of your tank and is crucial to the health of your fish. Make sure the requirements of your fish are meted out and then figure out the theme of your tank. Your primary priority is your fish, followed by the embellishment. So, a strict no to glass pebbles despite the elegance it provides as it can shatter to fragments and harm your fishes.

Choose the Right Rocks

Choose the Right Rocks

Once you have chosen your substrate, the next procedure is to decorate your aquarium with rocks. They can give the aquarium a complete makeover from natural, aesthetic, to even whimsical stroke. The rocks must be chosen according to the size of your tank and type of water used – a wide assortment lies ahead. If you want to create a fantastical world with a mermaid theme, then the perfect choice for you is clam rocks. While if it is the depth that is your priority go for rock ledges.

Green is your New Fav

Live aquarium plant has manifold benefits, but this is definitely not a piece of cake. The aesthetics of using live plants are stunning, with green being dominant throughout your tank. The most vital function is that they pull the nitrogen and carbon dioxide from the water and furnish it with oxygen. They also present texture and dimension to your tank. If tank maintenance is your prime priority, then the addition of plastic plants specifically approved for aquariums would be the most diligent choice.

Your Natural Touch

Considering the type of water and the aesthetics of your tank, you might contemplate adding further natural touches to furnish your personal touch like a marvellous piece of driftwood. Anything organic as you take that evening stroll down your favourite beach, but make sure none of it is breathing. If you are bringing in rocks, make sure to boil them and remove all the bacteria before using it. Do you want to revel in that fun ocean feel – then satisfy yourself with shells are exquisite.


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