Honey Gourami (Colisa Chuna)

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Honey Gourami

They should be in water that has between 24 and 26C (between 75 and 79F) and is either medium/hard or soft. The food eaten by the Honey Gourami consists of insects, worms, dried food and crustaceans.

While they will do OK in an aquarium with other fish, the Honey Gourami is more suited for an aquarium where only the same type of fish live. This is because the male needs to mark his territory and get his full colors.

The aquarium where these fish are kept should have rooted plants with feathery leaves and maybe some floating plants. You should use rocks and roots to give the fish shelter in the aquarium. The aquarium needs enough room for the fish to swim in.

The area where the Honey Gourami likes to hang out is the top side of the aquarium. They will breathe from the surface of the water, so it should be exposed. If you leave some ventilation holes in the hood of the aquarium it should be all the fish need.

The color of this fish is yellow with some silver on it, which is more pronounced on the belly. It has a red iris with a stripe colored dark brown from the caudal fin to the eye. The colors of the young Honey Gourami and that of the female are a bit duller.

This species can breed well when kept in an aquarium. They will start by the nest creation, done by the male by binding plants with bubbles. Next, the male courts the female, which releases the eggs inside the nest. The fertilization will be done by the male. The number of eggs varies between 300 and 800 eggs.

Once the eggs are released, the female should be taken out of the aquarium. The male is the one taking care of the eggs until they hatch and the young begin swimming (2-3 days). At this point take out the males as well, so they don’t eat their young.

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