Clown Barb (Barbus Everetti)

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Clown Barb

clown barb Clown Barb (Barbus Everetti)The Clown Barb fish belongs to the Barbus Everetti genus and another name that people have for it is Everett’s Barb. It can be found usually in the countries of Borneo and Singapore. The tank size should be at least 90 cm (36 inches) in length, since they can reach a size of 15cm (6 inches). It will eat insects, plant matter, crustaceans, dried food and worms. They need soft water with a temperature between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius (77 to 81F).

With asian origins, the Clown Barb can be distinguished by the two barbels, its red-brown or brownish back and the white abdomen. The sides of the fish are a combination between silver or golden and red, together with some vertical markings, either blue-grey or black.

While other species that are related have a dark stripe near the eye, the Clown Barb doesn’t have it. You can tell which is the female by its size, which is larger than that of the male, with the colors being less vivid.

The fish in this species are quite lively and they prefer the low part of the aquarium. They enjoy to shoal, so get a few of the same kind to stay together. Some vegetation should exist in the aquarium, as long as they got tough leaves.

It’s not that easy breeding Clown Barb fish while they’re captive, but it can still be done. In our experience, if you want to do breeding with the Clown Barb fish, you first need to separate the fish that will be breeding for a few weeks. In these few weeks, the fish should be fed with insect larvae, lettuce and white worms.

After those few weeks, you put the fish back in the same place and you have a good chance for them to spawn, usually during the morning or when it’s sunshine outside. As with many other species, the young and the eggs aren’t always safe, as their parent will sometimes eat them.

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