Caring for Catfish

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The Catfish are not recommended to be kept together with other types of fish, as they might eat them. While they are a favorite of many, Catfish are difficult to keep. One of the Catfish types that are available is the Black Spotted Corydoras. A lot of people buy Catfish because they are so good at cleaning the aquarium from algae. They also clean the aquarium of dead fish and other types of debris.

This fish can usually be found in Guiana and Venezuela and it will reach a length of 6cm (2.5 inches). It’s colored silver and has black spots, just like the name suggests. You can tell which is the Black Spotted Catfish by its wedge shaped neck and the black stripes found around the eyes and head. Their behavior is good, so you can rest easy if you put them together with other fish. They will not attack other fish. They enjoy eating white worms, dried food and Tubifex.

A fish found in Brazil and the La Plata Basin, the Peppered Corydoras can get up to 7cm (2.75) inches in length. Their body is colored olive/brown and it has black marks on it. It’s a fish that belongs to the Corydoras aeneus family.

If you look at the Peppered catfish, you will notice that his eyes seem to be moving towards you. They can easily be kept in a communal aquarium.

What they eat
You can feed Peppered Catfish with dried foods, white worms and Tubifex.

The type of water
These fish will enjoy a neutral water condition. They can also stay in hard water. They will not enjoy staying in saltwater.

A relative of this fish is the Leopard Corydoras. They received their name at the beginning of the 20th century. They belong to the Corydoras julii family. They can be found in the lower Amazon areas, especially in the Tributary region. spotted catfish Caring for CatfishThey can get up to 6cm (2.5 inches) in length. Their frame is colored silver/gray and has stripes that are dark spotted. They are peaceful fish and can easily be kept in a communal aquarium.

This species of fish can be found in South America, specifically in the central and northern parts. They belong to the family called Callichthyidae and they are armor catfish, because they have bony plates on their body. They have a flat head, with the mouth located under it. They have rounded and wide lips. They are also known as sucking fish. They will eat algae, so they keep the aquarium clean. That’s why it’s good to keep at least one of these fish in your communal tank. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean the aquarium, but they do make it easier.

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