Beginner’s Tips to Take Care of Freshwater Aquatic Life

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If you are considering to pet fishes at your home and get a new aquarium, you need to make sure that you are ready to take the responsibility of managing aquatic life. Once you learn about every measure to keep the aquatic life alive and healthy, maintaining your aquarium will become easy and stress-free. These tips will help set your first aquarium and enjoy petting your new aquatic friends.

Picking the right aquarium

You need to pick the right aquarium based on the type of fish that you plan on getting home. It can be a saltwater fish or a freshwater fish. Also, consider the number of fishes that you want to get. You should give a thought to the habitat that you can provide to the fishes. If you overcrowd the aquarium, it can lead to low oxygen levels, excess waste, and even fatalities. Take the advice from your local aquarium store to choose the size that can fit your requirements based on the fishes you buy.


Setting up optimal water conditions

You will need different settings for different types of aquatic lives. You need to have the right conditioning of the water for your fishes. If you are using tap water, you will need a biological aquarium supplement with a dechlorinating agent. You also need to check the pH levels of your tank water. Use a pH test-kit to make sure that the pH level of the water you use is between 6.8 to 7.5. Check your fishes health regularly to make sure that they are not stressed due to high pH levels. The water temperature can also cause havoc for your aquatic lives. Keep your aquarium away from the sun or heating appliances. An aquatic heater can also help you in maintaining a comfortable temperature for your fishes.

Regular fish tank maintenance

You need to be regular in maintaining your fish tank to make sure that the environment for the fishes stay clean. Try to replace 25% of the water in your aquarium every month. It will keep your tank’s water clean and safe nitrate concentrations. Prevent algae buildup in the tank. It can lead to decreased oxygen levels in the water. Use a tank scrub brush or aquarium algae magnet.

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Observing the aquatic life for changes

Devote time in observing your aquatic life on a regular basis. Note down any changes that you find in appearance, appetite, and behaviour and check for what it means from the experts. You can manage your aquatic life really well if you know your fishes better. Enjoy watching your aquatic life and observe them swimming in their new habitat. Note whether adding new elements to your aquarium is effective their habitat for your pet fishes and make changes accordingly.


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